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Advanced Audio started out 25-years ago as a locally owned hi-fi shop. We're still one today, with personalized service, in-depth knowledge of what we sell, and a genuine enthusiasm for helping you get the most out of your system.

We carry some of the finest names in audio, video and custom installation. Our main sound room has a wide selection in each category available to audition.

We're experts. We can answer your questions about a turntable or a CD player, and we can show you how to make your iPhone send your music library to your stereo system - wirelessly.

We're also part of the Definitive organization. This allows us to offer local service and repair on everything we sell, and everything we install. It also gives us access to Definitive's custom installation design center, and their award-winning technical expertise.

So, whether you need an upgrade to your music system, or an integrated audio/video system distributed throughout your home, stop by Advanced Audio. We love this stuff and we're here to help.

Bob McPeters - bobm@definitive.com
Victor Prinsen - victorp@definitive.com

Phone - 253-472-3133

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